Hi! My name is Crystal Hughes, RPC. I love to eat, create, and photograph food. It wasn’t always this way for me though. I worked through my own symptoms of an eating disorder, inspiring me to pursue a career in Counselling and Life Coaching. I am grateful to help empower women and support them to fall in love with food too. I am super passionate about sharing healthy recipes and inspiring others to fall in love with their brilliance.

Yoso Cherry Coconut Popsicle
(Makes 10 Popsicles)
Prep time is 10 mins
Freeze time is 8-12 hours.

1 container of Unsweetened Yoso Coconut Yogurt
1 cup frozen cherries
1/4 tsp vanilla
2 cups Vanilla Yoso Coconut Yogurt
10 drops stevia

Blend cherries, stevia, vanilla and yogurt in a high powered blender. Using your favorite popsicle molds layer the cherry blender mixture and vanilla yogurt layer. 1 tbsp Yoso Vanilla yogurt and 2 tbsp of the cherry mixture until your molds are full. Freeze overnight.

This post is part of our series, How do you Enjoy Yoso? We asked friends in our healthy community to share one of their favourite ways to enjoy our dairy-free products.