Dear Yoso Customers,

Our family, as always, has a strong commitment to doing the best we can, bringing you the best, and striving towards continually improving our products. We know that our use of clean ingredients is important to you, so, in addition to making our products from well-sourced, healthy, organic ingredients, we are currently in the process of becoming certified non-GMO with the Non-GMO Project. It is a long process that we are pleased to be investing in. Thank you for expressing how important this is to you as consumers, parents, food educators, health practitioners and more. We are committed to providing you with unbiased, third-party proof of our dedication to quality, and, as such, have had to reformulate our yogurts to include ingredients that are certifiable by The Non-GMO Project. While our product has always been free of GMOs, the rice starch used in our original recipe was not on the list of certifiable products because it is processed in a facility that is not able to be certified. In order to display the Non-GMO Project logo, we are now using cornstarch, and although we understand some are not pleased with this ingredient change, we have decided make sure we are accountable to all of our claims, and to The Non-GMO Project, which is very valued by you.

Thank you for supporting our small family business, and we look forward to producing the best in class dairy-free products for your family.

Enjoy Yoso in good health!

Francis Lo, Co-Founder, Yoso