My name is Lisa Forsyth.  I have been a Personal Trainer for 10 years.  I have always had an active lifestyle growing up as a competitive figure skater.  But I became very interested in healthy living at the age of 16 as I witnessed my dad pass away from a heart attack at the age of only 55.  Losing a loved one to a disease that can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle makes me passionate about motivating my clients to become more physically active and eat healthy foods to fuel their amazing bodies. With good health comes great quality of life!

I really love this YOSO community because it’s so interesting to read about everyone’s unique health journeys. Talk about a group of happy, positive people!

We asked a few questions about her dairy-free lifestyle as part of this series, Living Dairy Free:

Why are you dairy-free?

I have always had a very sensitive stomach and dairy just never really agreed with me. Plus it always concerned me about the amount of hormones in dairy foods.  It just doesn’t seem right to consume products that are not intended for the human body.  One of my teenage sons has struggled with skin issues and it took awhile for him to make the connection between what he was eating and his skin health.  He is now completely dairy free and his skin has cleared up so much!

Top five favourite dairy-free products? 

Yoso Unsweeted Creamy Cultured Coconut – so creamy and delicious. I love it just as is with nothing added!

Koukla Matcha Coconut Bites – a yummy wholesome sweet treat after a meal.

BioK Fermented Soy Mango – to keep my gut flora balanced

Made Good Chocolate Chips – perfect for baking and a girl can’t live without chocolate!!

Daiya Cheese Shreds – my son’s favourite because of the stretch quality!

Favourite local spot to eat that accommodates dairy-free?

I actually rarely eat out at restaurants (I save that for special indulgences when I go away on vacation!!). I like knowing exactly what goes into the food I’m eating. So I’m a bit of control freak about what goes on my plate!!

Favourite place to shop for groceries?

My favourite place to shop for groceries is Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket.