Hello there! My name is Rebecca Victoria, also known as “Hungry Mummy!” I am an outdoor recreation and organic whole food enthusiast Mum! I hope to inspire other Mumma bears to get outside into nature while  exploring with their cubs, and to fill their bodies with healthy nutrient dense dishes!  I am currently breastfeeding two children; my 3 year old and my 10 month babe. In the beginning stages of becoming a Mum, I couldn’t believe the amount of energy it took to breastfeed an infant around the clock, care for them, keep a home in a functional state, all while trying to keep MY fuel up in order to be the best Mum possible. I am very passionate about feeding myself and my children the best foods without taking unnecessary shortcuts and always being mindful of WHERE and WHO our food comes from. You are what you eat, and you are what you eat, EATS! We spend A LOT of time in the kitchen creating memories and learning life skills as a family.  We love food!

#EnjoyYoso Featured Spotlight:

We asked Rebecca a few questions about how she enjoys Yoso:

What’s your favourite Yoso product?

Oh my gosh the Cashew Based Cream Cheese style spread! I could eat it with a spoon. Ok, we do eat it with a spoon!

What’s your favourite way to use Yoso?

CASHEW CREAM CHEESE: the kids enjoy it on celery or dipping with carrots. Sometimes I will throw it in as the sauce with a quinoa pasta and coconut oil.  We also love it on toasted gluten-free sprouted organic (haha that’s a mouthful!) toast for a snack.

CHOCOLATE CREAMY CULTURED COCONUT: now this doesn’t last long in our home! We fill a bowl with the chocolate cultured coconut, Manitoba Hemp Harvest hearts, banana, chia seeds, coconut shreds, and pumpkin seeds. Boom. An explosion in your mouth! We also add it to our smoothies…or just eat it straight from the container.

Where your favourite place to shop for Yoso?

  1. The Bar Cafe in Uxbridge Ontario. A little organic shop who takes pride in supporting local businesses and farmers.
  2. Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket. Who doesn’t love Nature’s?!

What are 3 other favourite healthy things you always keep in your fridge or pantry?


Other than Yoso of course…

Hemp Oil from Manitoba Hemp Harvest

Maple Syrup from my dad’s trees


AND Giddy YoYo Raw Chocolate. (Sorry I had to do 4!)

Connect with Rebecca at @hungry.mummy