I am Ximena, a proud Colombiana, Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and Mindset Coach who loves empowering women to feel glowy, sexy and healthy by eating well and obsessing less.

I founded Glowlistica with the intention to reach women who are going through what I did – trying countless diets, using and spending fortunes on supplements and overtraining. I lived the cycle of restrictive dieting, calorie counting and “quick fixes” – quickly followed by binge eating – for 10+ years of my life.

Fast forward to today, I healed my relationship with food, don’t have binging episodes anymore, changed the way I look at life and now I help other women do the same.

I created the “Glow Method” that consists of three pillars – mindset, food and self-love and I teach women effective strategies to aid in the areas of body image, chronic dieting, overeating, emotional eating and binge eating.

Yoso is the only yogurt that I buy and recommend to my clients and everyone around me. I love the philosophy of the company and how they are strongly committed to doing the best they can and improving their products.

I am a big advocate of adding things or foods to your every day life that would help you “glow” and Yoso is one of those food products that supports my philosophy.

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Be unapologetic about how you want to feel Not going to lie, sometimes I get caught up in the “are they going to like it” world. Are they going to like what I eat, how I talk, how I do things, how I show up in my life? Let’s be honest… who the heck are “they” to judge you? to know how you are feeling? To know your reasons behind doing things. Do what makes YOU feel good E V E R Y D A Y💖 P.S: I have been eating a chia seed puddings everyday for so long now but I don’t even feel bad about not changing my breakfast 😆 What works for me is to not complicate my life by adding rules, counting calories or macros but that might work for others and that’s okay!. I focus on eating #Glowfoods most of the time but I will also add a cupcake here and there because #lifeisaboutbalance … He estado comiendo pudines de chia por varios meses, pero ni siquiera me siento mal por no cambiar mi desayuno jaja Realmente los disfruto y cada día trato de comer un tipo diferente, así que es como tener una sorpresa cuando me levanto lol Lo que me funciona es no complicar mi vida agregando reglas, contando calorías o macros. Me concentro en comer #alimentosenteros la mayor parte del tiempo, pero también agrego una chocolate aquí y allá porque #lavidaesdebalance • • • • • #healthylife #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #healthyliving #healthyeating #cleanfood #eathealthy #vidasana #healthychoice #healthybody #youareenough #gloweveryday #selfloveisfirstlove #trustyourintuition #mindfulnesspractice #soysaludable #holisticnutritionist #holisticlife #trustthejourney #healthyliving #gratefulmindset #createhealthyhabits #createahappylife

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We asked Ximena a few questions about how she enjoys Yoso:

What’s your favourite Yoso product?

Yoso Plain Unsweetened Cultured Coconut Yogurt, Unsweetened Premium Creamy Cultured Almond & Cashew, and Cashew Cream Cheese

What’s your favourite way to use Yoso?

I use it in my chia seed puddings, overnight oats, smoothies and I also make a sour cream with the plain coconut yogurt.

Where your favourite place to shop for Yoso?

Loblaws, Organic Garage, Pusitaris.

What are 3 other favourite healthy things you always keep in your fridge or pantry?

I can’t live without: My Vitamix,  Good fats bars, Almond milk

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