My name is Dana Maternick. I am an adventurer, health enthusiast and nutrition coach with a mission to help women love their bodies, get results without restriction and overall make fitness FUN and SUSTAINABLE. I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for almost half my life (10+ years), starting for ethical reasons but as I’ve gotten older realize all the other benefits health wise I have gained from it.

I am so happy to be a part of the Yoso community because not only do they make delicious vegan, gluten free products, I’m always happy to support Canadian based company.

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Healthy, filling, balancing breakfast idea 🌱 . As I’ve mentioned, my digestion has been off. I’ve been eating to much variety (yes that is a thing) and have not been fully listening to my body by knowing which foods are irritating my tummy and eating them anyway because I like them… we have all done it. . If you saw my recent IG TV. I said I was “detoxing” by being more structured, eating less variety in hopes to reveal what has been causing so much tummy bloat and upset. (This is not an easy task and in order to do this for yourself you have to food journal, reflect and be hella honest with yourself when it comes to what is sitting well for you and what is not). There are some foods I never thought twice about, never thought bothered my stomach… and maybe they never did until recent or maybe I am still trying to pinpoint what is actually causing irritation… but I think oats might be one. 😞 . So I’ve been playing around with different grains, but flours and seeds and ended up making this delicious pb & j chia breakfast parfait! 😋😋 … 2 tbsp chia+ 1/3 to 1/2C water+ 1/2 tbsp peanut butter (depends how thick you like your chia) 1/3 cup coconut yogurt (@enjoyyoso plain unsweetened) Frozen berries mixed in the chia + for topping, and watered down pb for aesthetics. 😅 … Mix chia, water and pb in a bowl. Set aside to thicken. Once thickened place at the bottom of a jar. Add coconut yogurt. Top with berries and a drizzle of pb. Add sweetener if you like. Make it look all pretty in a jar then dump in a bowl to give it a real mixing 😅 . . . . . #nourish #healthyeating #vegan #cleaneating #healthfood #healthy #fitness #veganfood #foodporn #foodie #plantbased #plantbuilt #lifestyle #foodisfuel #dinner #abundance #vancouverfitness #plantfood #digestion #healingthegut #guthealth #mindbody

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We asked Dana a few questions about how she enjoys Yoso:

What’s your favourite Yoso product?

My favourite Yoso product is their coconut yogurt (can’t just pick one flavour because they are all delicious).

What’s your favourite way to use Yoso?

I love eating it as a topping on oatmeal, pancakes or any other sweet dish.

Where your favourite place to shop for Yoso?

Superstore is my go to for any Yoso products.

What are 3 other favourite healthy things you always keep in your fridge or pantry?

The 3 favourite most used things in my pantry are chia seeds, mason jars, and any nut butter!

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