Yoso genuinely cares about the people eating their product as much as the ingredients and the product itself. –Β Jordan Wagman,Β James Beard nominated Chef


I really appreciate that Yoso makes delicious dairy-free products with the highest quality ingredients, which support our health and planet! – Adam Vacon,Β Holistic Nutritionist + Personal Trainer


I have always been a fan favourite of Yoso, not only because it contains ingredients that I can get behind health and ethics wise, and not only because their products taste amazing and are actually good for you, but also because it is a family owned business who’s owner has a big heart! – Amy Symington, Nutrition Professor and Plant Based Chef


I feel really good when I bring Yoso home for my family and I love how their yoghurt fills a gap in the market, not only as an alternative, but a great tasting one! (because that’s the hardest part!). – Andrea Orazi,Β co-founder of The Chufa Co.


I love that Yoso continually strives to not only source the healthiest ingredients, but also reduce waste, and keep the environmental footprint at a minimum. – Danielle Schleese, Certified Professional Vegan Makeup Artist


I am a huge supporter of local businesses who care about the world and the people within it.Β  By providing a healthy alternative to products containing dairy, Yoso is driving a culture of individuals seeking better food for our bodies and minds.Jason Johnston,Β Founder of Lemon Lily Organic Tea


I have been using (Yoso’s) plain coconut yogurt for years to make my own personal spreads and menu creations. I personally love making a ranch dressing with fresh herbs. We love to stock our fridges in Liberty Village with the yogurt making layered parfaits using our granola and seasonal fruit.Jennifer Italiano, Co-founder and Co- Chief Operating Officer of Live Organic Food Restaurants & Products


Yoso cares about providing high quality whole food products to consumers β€” I appreciate that. And, they have the BEST tasting coconut yogurt in town.Β – Joy McCarthy, Holistic Nutritionist (RNCP CNP), two-time bestselling cookbook author


I have been recommending and enjoying Yoso products to my family and clients for almost Β 5 years. I believe that Yoso products provide nutrient dense, quality ingredients, and a delicious and creamy taste. These are the key elements to enjoying and digesting our food as fuel.Marsha Fenwick,Β Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Cancer Coach


As a consumer, it feels great to find quality companies that preserve animal rights. I’m not only happy to have found Yoso’s delicious products, I’m proud to support their ideals. – Nancy Kopman, Recording Artist and Early Childhood Educator


Yoso played a huge role in my transition to a dairy-free lifestyle.Their products are made with clean ingredients that are easy to digest, and easy to pronounce and include organic ingredients. Most non-dairy and diary yogurts are full of additives and tons of sugar where Yoso has created a line of with minimal sugar per serving. There is more sugar in most Kombuchas then there is in Yoso products.Β  I am excited to see how Yoso continues to innovate bring more amazing products to market. This is a brand I feel confident voting with my dollar to support. – Oren Epstein, Owner of BIO RAW